C A S P E R  V A N  L E E U W E N


In my working process, the landscape is often my starting point.
We are made of the same substance as what we are observing. In what I observe, I recognize myself. One of the elements that inspires me to make my work is green.

When I work I try to put aside reason and empty myself mentally. By disregarding all that is premeditated I give an oportunity to chance. The results of this process are sometimes surprising.

While I paint, draw, take photos or create objects I try to grasp the essence of the landscape and rearrange their shapes and colors in an intuitive process in which only the feeling of the landscape remains.

In addition to painting, drawing and photography, there has always been interest in the three-dimensional aspect of the work. The use of recycled materials has increased in recent years and plays an important role in my work.

And so, working, from time to time, I get it right and I feel an intelligible feeling and that the soul of the work illuminates.

Casper van Leeuwen